Lexington Community Information

In the summer of 1775, settlers from the east were impressed by the many springs pouring from the limestone in the fertile new land now called Kentucky. The springs were valued water sources and focal points for the establishment of homesteads and towns. Colonist William McConnell led a group from Pennsylvania to the sinking springs, which he had marked for a land grant from the British colony of Virginia. Located in what is currently the Lexington/Fayette County area of central Kentucky, this central Kentucky site was the first-claimed and most highly prized of any land west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Today, McConnell Springs is 26-acres of lush green space surrounded by industry and development. Protected by the city, visitors enjoy the rising and sinking springs, which are the visible portion of an underground drainage system that flows through part of central and south Lexington. The sinks and rises of McConnell Springs form a window along the flow path of an underground stream, where the subterranean conduit is briefly exposed before vanishing again into the rock. This historical site is also the place where Lexington was named in April of 1779.

Since the early days, Lexington has experienced a tremendous population growth. The population of Lexington and Fayette County is estimated at more than 250,000 people. The area is a thriving business center with consistently low unemployment levels. Vulcan Materials operates a large limestone mine 600 feet beneath McConnell Springs. Other major employers include Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Lexmark International, Valvoline Oil and Proctor and Gamble.

Its well-educated and skilled workforce have an easy time commuting to and from work thanks to New Circle Road, a 26-mile roadway encircling the city. Man-O-War Boulevard, a 16-mile outer loop also helps ease traffic congestion. The Blue Grass Airport serves eight commercial airlines with non-stop service to all major hubs in the eastern United States. Because of its central location in the "Golden Triangle," Lexington is also the hub for health care services in Eastern and Central Kentucky.

As the state song says, "The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home?" and on the brilliant city of Lexington, a sparkling historic city with old world charm and modern amenities. Arts and culture and unique shopping experiences abound in the city, but Louisville, Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta and other larger metropolitan areas are also easily accessed from the city. The pristine Kentucky Horse Park and more than 3,000 acres of recreational "playgrounds," tempt nature lovers. Lexington, a city for the millennium, has it all.

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